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A Selection of My Favourite Work

Hello! I'm Alex. I produce high-quality content written to be SEO-friendly and conversion happy. 

With 12 years' experience in digital, my core skill set includes first-rate copy, excellent research skills, and fully optimised SEO content for maximum ranking potential.

Below you'll find articles demonstrating what I can do, some testimonials, plus a bit further down there's an outline of my creative projects.

What It's Like Working With Me

I have been enjoying the writings of Alex Morris for several years. His sense of humour, as seen in newsletters, advice columns, inventions and more on his blog, Professional Moron, is a wit rarely found. I’ve always thought he should be writing for Saturday Night Live, or an edgy cable series.

Alex’s book reviews are the opposite of his humour spots. They are serious business, and due to the passion he exudes, I have found myself reading books again and not just scripts. On his blog, Moonshake Books, Alex goes into a lot of depth in the reviews. After reading a book review, one realizes that no moron wrote this.

Resa McConaghy - Costume Designer for Film & TV

Alex headed up our blog team for a number of years and did so with great leadership, organisation and professionalism. He was incredibly proactive about finding interesting subjects, people and themes to write about as well as encouraging the young bloggers on our team to write with passion. high quality content produced throughout the year and in doing so elevated the educational and creative aspect of our festival to a much higher level. I would
love the opportunity to work with Alex again in the future. 

Sam Cullis - Director of London Breeze Film Festival

An experienced content writer with an eye for detail. I was lucky enough to have Alex as part of my team during his time at Radius. During this time he took on a multitude of tasks from SEO blog articles, to commercial content. Alex also worked on non-SEO content including social media and newsletters. As an experienced content writer, Alex also reviewed other team members work from a spelling/grammar point of view and also making SEO recommendations. In addition to writing content, Alex also wrote detailed content briefs for other teams members. If you are looking for an experienced content writer with a great knowledge of SEO, Alex is your man!

Matt Veale - SEO Manager at Radius Payment Solutions Ltd.

Over the past few years, Alex has published articles describing my work. I've found him bright, enthusiastic, and easy to work with.

Stephen Malinowski - Composer & YouTube Music Animator

My Creative Projects

In my spare time I'm a prolific blogger. Across my sites Professional Moron (satire & culture) and Moonshake Books (literary reviews) I've amassed over 4,000 posts. The former is my main focus and updates daily. In 2023 I achieved over 130,00 unique visitors.

I also write novels and short stories. I'm on the lookout for a literary agent.

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